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Website Design

  • We work with you to define the functionality you want and the presentation you need.
  • We keep the design clear and simple, with strong functional and navigational elements.
  • We provide a written design specification, so you know what you are getting.


  • We use ColdFusion for rapid web application development and easy integration with databases, XML, web services and Flash plus its built-in search and charting capabilities.
  • We use a layered approach to implementation, so you can see progress at each weekly release.
  • We employ professional software engineering practices, including code standards, source code control, re-usable code libraries, etc.

Management & Support

  • We work with you to define realistic project milestones.
  • We provide weekly progress reports.
  • We are always in contact through email and pager.
  • At project completion, we can provide support/upgrades for as long as you wish.


Here is a selection of completed projects:

If you are interested in a no cost, no obligation initial consultation, or have a question about what we do or how we might be of service:

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