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Welcome To RGB Software

We specialize in helping your small business or non-profit make the most of the web whether you are handling customers and products or members, donors, events and services.

Look to the right and you'll see some of our work:

  • A non-profit pregnancy information line
  • An ice skating school complete with online class registration
  • An auto museum which manages lots of auto events through the summer

Click on them and you'll see these sites in operation.

You can see more sites and how we manage their development by clicking here.

We also handle development consulting work for large and small businesses and non-profits. A partial client list is:

  • NPD
  • US FDA
  • Omgeo
  • EMC
  • Kodak
  • CitySoft
  • TERC
  • Bay State Skating School
  • The Genesis Fund
  • Larz Anderson Auto Museum
  • multiple school PTOs

If you are interested in a no cost, no obligation initial consultation, or have a question about what we do or how we might be of service:

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